Feb 14, 2014

Lucky in Love by Paolo Onesa

Free opm download Lucky In Love by Paolo Onesa. The voice of the Philippines created another batch of talented singer. Paolo Onesa
Download Here

Feb 12, 2014

Mahal Ka Sa Akin by Myrtle Sarrosa

A lyric video from Myrtle Sarrosa Mahal Ka Sa Akin free opm download. The PBB cosplayer can sing and after releasing some music video and song she is back with another revival song.
Free opm Download here

Feb 11, 2014

Unshakable by Slapshock

Free opm download Unshakable by Slapshock feat JD of Pop Shuvi.The music video is a tribute to the Yolanda Survior  - Typhoon that leave the country devastated 3 months ago. More that 300 km/hour wind that leave almost 5k people dead. The video shows the devastation of a city, children surviving and hope to Filipino. 
Free opm download Unshakable by Slapshock

Feb 3, 2014

Bawal Sa Gamot by Banda Ni Kleggy

Bawal Sa Gamot by Banda Ni Kleggy
Free opm download Bawal sa Gamot by Banda Ni Kleggy uploaded by Universal Record gaining almost 50K and currently on the OPM MYX countdown. The 2nd Single from the album Only In The Philippines and under Universal Rec.
Here are some Tracks on the Album
1. Eric Clapsong
2. Experto
3. Discolamon
4. Bawal sa Gamot
5. Umay
6. Teach Me How to Disco
7. Mahal Kita Pramis
8. Walang-Wala
9. Darating
10. Discolamon (Remix)