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The website will show the best and original pinoy music or OPM, Filipino artist who are making wave to pinoy music industry.  From the past and favorite pinoy rock band original pinoy music, ballad solo artist acoustic artist and may more.  Giving the thumb up for free opm download rating and facts and information about the lyrics. 

This website is created not to promote piracy this is created to appreciate the OPM or original pinoy music and support the Filipino artist. Free OPM download links are from direct site and might contain some ads that are not affiliated to the webmaster. The site is to share the OPM talents and pinoy music.  Sharing information and promoting pinoy  music talent is our goal local artist who wants to make name on music industry are welcome to contact the admin and had there pinoy music advertise.  
We Filipino’s love music local, foreign and even song that we don’t know exactly what the meaning or lyrics. The truth that many of us are more into foreign K-POP J-pop and other music genre but we have our own genre Orignal pinoy Music - Opm download will give you the latest hit and trending in pinoy music  industry. Let’s support our own music Original Pinoy Music. Let’s bring back the glory days during 70’s and 90’s where solo artist and pinoy rock band dominate the pinoy music industry. Inspirational and groovy song during the 70’s and 80’s rock band and solo artist during the 90’s, feel free to browse to our large categories of free opm download.

We are not responsible for the free opm download link please report any broken link to the admin or post a comment to report any broken link. All images are has it own copyright by the respected owner. If you are the owner please report directly to us we will remove your image.

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